O'Connor NRM projects and staff have generated a large number of research articles, book chapters, books and consultancy reports on projects related to our work.



Biodiversity Monitoring with Birds in the SAMDB, with NCSSA

Community Monitoring Toolkit, for Natural Resources SAMDB, view toolkit

Evaluation of Progress towards Management Action Targets (MATs) in the SAMDB, with Natural Resources SAMDB, view report

Evaluation of the implementation of the BushBroker Biodiversity Credit Trading Scheme, for DSE Vic, view report

Evaluation of Capacity Building and Pest Management Outcomes from the Wheel Cactus Control Program in the Flinders Ranges, view report

Evaluation of the Southern Emu-wren and Fleurieu Swamps Recovery Project in the AMLR region, view report 

Lower Murray Landscape Futures  - Communication Products, view website

River Bend BushBids Conservation Tender, view report

Southern Mallee BushBids Conservation Tender, view report

Woodland BushBids Conservation Tender, view report

BushBids Conservation Tender – Biodiversity Stewardship for the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges, view report

Kiepla to Coast Soil Conservation Project, view report

Market-Based Instruments Metric Essentials, view report


Selected research articles, books and book chapters


Field S. A., P.J. O’Connor, A. J. Tyre and H.P. Possingham (2007) Making monitoring meaningful. Austral Ecology 32; 485–491 view abstract

Field S. A., A. J. Tyre, K.H. Thorn, P.J. O’Connor and H.P. Possingham (2005) Improving the efficiency of wildlife monitoring by estimating detectability: a case study of foxes (Vulpes vulpes) on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. Wildlife Research 32; 253-258 view abstract

O’Connor P.J. and A.J. Bond (2007) Maximising the effectiveness of photopoint monitoring for ecological management and restoration. Ecological Management and Restoration 8; 228-233 view abstract

O’Connor P.J., J. Tesoriero, A. Morgan, S. Bolt (2006) Guidelines for the Planning, Design & Implementation of Natural Resource Management Trials. South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resource Management Board view book

Scientific writing

Cargill M. and P.J. O’Connor (2013) Writing Scientific Research Articles: Strategy and Steps. 2nd Edition. Wiley Blackwell Publishers (originally published in 2009). view companion website

Cargill, M., O'Connor, P., & Li, Y. (2012). Educating Chinese scientists to write for international journals: Addressing the divide between science and technology education and English language teaching.English for Specific Purposes 31, 60-69. doi: 10.1016/j.esp.2011.05.03 view abstract

Cargill, M., & O'Connor, P. (2012). Identifying and addressing challenges to international publication success for EFL science researchers: Implementing an integrated training package in China. In R. Tang (Ed.), Academic Writing in a Second or Foreign Language: Issues and challenges facing ESL/EFL academic writers in higher education contexts. London: Continuum. more information

Cargill, M., & O'Connor, P. (2010). Structuring interdisciplinary collaboration to develop research students’ skills for publishing research internationally: Lessons from implementation. In M. Davies, M. Devlin & M.Tight (Eds.), Interdisciplinary Higher Education: Perspectives and Practicalities. International Perspectives on Higher Education Research Volume 5 (pp. 279-292). Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. 

Zhu Y-G, P O’Connor and J-H Cao (2007) Where do Chinese scientists publish their research in environmental science and technology? Environmental Pollution 147; 1-3 view abstract

Cargill, M., & O'Connor, P. (2006). Getting research published in English: towards a curriculum design model for developing skills and enhancing outcomes. Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses, 53, 79-94.  view article


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