Research and Planning


O’Connor NRM employs and collaborates with research scientists to undertake research projects and to bring research skills and perspective to natural resource management programs. We are interested in filling knowledge gaps where this will improve the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of management. We also promote active adaptive management and seek to value-add through research and research communication where possible. Our research projects include empirical studies and synthesis research. 

Research Project Highlights
  • Knowledge Review of Grey Box Grassy Woodlands in the Southern Mount Lofty Ranges. 
  • Kangaroo Grazing Impact Baseline Monitoring Survey – Deep Creek Conservation Park. 
  • Compilation of Vegetation Clearance History Data for South Australia. 

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O'Connor NRM assists organisations to develop program logics, plans, frameworks and strategies to improve efficiency and accountability of investment.

Planning Project Highlights

  • Program Logics for South Australian Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board Business Unit Management. 
  • Financial Incentives for Biodiversity Conservation in Israel.
  • Vegetation Information Framework for South Australia. 
  • Mapping Research Capabilities for Climate Change Impact and Adaptation Research.
  • Development of program logic for the Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for NRM in South Australia. 
  • Target-setting Guidelines for Regional NRM Boards in South Australia. 

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